DAY-6 Control Statements


DAY-6 Control Statements

Hello World!!! It’s JITHU….. Welcome back to the day-6 of your programming life. As you know that programming is the key skill nowadays, But why only python as it simple and good for the beginners, That’s it??? Not really Because it consists of a lot of rich libraries that make our work a lot simpler.OK let me stop this and dive into our DAY-6 Tutorial.

Hey be ready we are controlling the python with some Control Structures.

3  Control Statements:

1] Sequential Control Statements.

2] Selection Control Statements.

3] Iterative Control Statements.


YEAP!!!! By using the above control statements, Because the name itself says it is used for control HAHAHAHA……

Let’s dive……..

1] Sequential Control Statements:

Sorry future wizards, Actually here there might be no more logic, Only the lines are executed sequentially. Here some examples…



2] Selective Control Statements:



Here comes our selection…


1)IF Statement                                    {ONE-WAY}

2) IF-ELSE Statement                       {TWO-WAY}

3) IF-ELSE-IF Statement                  {MULTI-WAY}

4) Nested IF Statement                     {INNER-WAY}



1] IF-Statement:

When we will use if statement in our daily life….. Thinking…… just kidding we use all the time. For  Example, IF you got fever take the medicines… YEAP you got more. The same way we use here is we want to do the particular task.

2] IF-ELSE Statement:

In the previous Statement, you can perform the condition what happens when we cant satisfy the condition What happens??? Nothing happens and we don’t have any idea what just happened, And you can see it below.

So, no problem I got a remedy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Sry actually Python had a remedy And BOOM simple place an Else Statement. IF condition satisfied Do this Else Do other things,   just make it simple IF its raining take a cab else go by walking..

3]IF-ELSE-IF Statement:

Here comes another power… If else if statement when we have two OR more conditions then we use this… ok let me explain IF you have chocolate give me elif you have cake give me else buy one… A selfish one…

I want chocolate so I got one and I am eating wait and see DOWN…….


Here we have INNER-WAY… That means if inner if inner other if  WHF….. Heyyyy I’m here to explain hold on. Here it’s as simple as a game if complete level-1 you are promoted to the next level, in the same manner, If you satisfy one condition you’re entered into other condition OR else statement… 

just by observing the code u can analyze it so that’s the simplicity in python…

RIGHT know I got some work so BYE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The Iterative Control Statements will be continued TOMORROW… stay tuned……





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