DAY-4 || IDE Vs IDLE ||


DAY-4 || IDE Vs IDLE ||

Hello World! Welcome back to the python day-4 tutorial. Today we going to know the difference between IDE vs IDLE, and where they are used commonly.




What is IDLE?

IDLE is abbreviated as Integrated Development and Learning Environment.IDLE in python comes with the downloaded file in windows  IDLE is the best way for the beginner.

It is also referred as  Python shell similar to the shell in Unix. Coming to the Unix platform python is the pre-installed so we don’t need to install externally. An advantage in Unix is that if your running in the 3.x version it also supports to the 2.x version that cant done in the Windows platform. Because the complete python is developed in Unix platform, so it is Standard Python. As it is mentioned in the name itself it is learning platform it is not preferred for the real-time projects.

What is IDE?

IDE is abbreviated as Integrated Development Environment. IDE is completely used for the real-time projects.

Today I gonna introduce you top 3 IDE’s used in the world, They are :


It is used for scientific programming in python. Spyder integrates with scipy, numpy, pandas, mathplotlib, ipython as well as open-source software. It is released under the MIT license. It is the best IDE in the world currently for the Machine learning, deep learning, Data science, AI. It is best for the visualization purpose also. It is an interactive environment for the Python language with advanced editing, interactive testing, debugging and introspection features and a numeric computing environment.




2) JupyterNotebook:

It is a server-client application that allows for the editing & running notebook documents via a web-browser. It is an open source web application that allows to create and share files that contain the web equations visualization and narrative text. It is also under the Anaconda distribution along with Spyder. You can also practice in online too.


3) Pycharm IDE:

It is the best for the real-time projects such as developing websites and web-based applications.It provides code analysis, a graphical debugger for an integrated unit tester and supports Django, Flask, Pyramid frameworks.




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