How Facebook is messing with your mental status ?? Why Facebook is losing it’s Active users:


How Facebook is messing with your mental status ?? Why Facebook is losing it’s Active users:

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Today we are going to discuss something very interesting. Every one of us is or once an active user for Facebook like a few years back and everyone should accept the truth that Facebook usage is dropped exponentially, This may be due to the recent Cambridge analytica data scandal or may be any reason.

Is facebook not protecting the privacy of its users?? They were not taking necessary charges to protect our data from third party users?? Are people finding Quora as a replacement to Facebook?? We will now try to analyze the situation and infer something.

Facebook is designed in a way that it will mess up with the mental status of people. They keep on showing the stuff we need and make us be on to their app or website for long hours. These are my personal inferences after using Facebook for a pretty good time like 6 years.

  • It is using mechanisms which cause addiction, such as notifications in red, which program you to respond like a Pavlovian dog.
  • It tries to controls who you can connect to and who not (it was allowed to add as friends only those you know).
  • It has a never-ending stream of nonsensical, unfiltered data – posts from anyone. It is impossible to read and understand and put them in any useful perspective.
  • It scrambles posts as it wants – giving you a virtual perspective of the world as its algorithms decide – not according to how you decide.
  • It has no clear purpose – therefore people are doing the one thing which Facebook can do.
  • It has no quality control – and due to the way it is organized and the lack of purpose, quality control is not possible anyway.
  • It constantly tracks all your actions in the background, while hiding the ways in which this can be stopped or controlled, or deceiving people thinking they can stop it, but they can’t – it is how they make money.

Facebook algorithms control your news feed, not by your interests. I will share a personal experience I stopped using facebook like a few months ago now I use Facebook to follow some tech pages and I stopped watching those videos they recommend and after a few days, I’m getting notifications to watch videos. Facebook will force us to watch those videos.

“If Facebook is not serving your purpose deactivate it”

Facebook uses its algorithms to keep you with them. When I am trying to deactivate my account Facebook game me a big boom it showed a picture of the people I chatted the most stating that they are gonna miss me. Facebook is never taking human relations seriously. I had seen many Facebook addicts losing their beautiful career. Facebook should reconsider the fact that they were working in the public interest.

To Be Or Not To Be – On Facebook:

Why did Elon Musk leave Facebook? Why is it such a big deal? This is one such a case study,

On March 28, 2018, Elon musk the most influential tech entrepreneur deleted his facebook pages for his companies Tesla and SpaceX which got more than 2.5 million followers.

Why would a page with 2.5 million followers exit Facebook?

Here’s what went down.

Facebook a few months ago was in a great trouble with 4 lawsuits around it. It was stated that it leaked the information of 50 million people which is used to influence the 2104 presidential elections. Due to this Facebook incurred a loss of 50 Billion USD. Mark Zuckerberg took a full-page advertisement to apologize stating “I promise to do better for you” 

After a few days, Elon musk deleted his Facebook pages, “It’s not a political statement and I didn’t do this because someone dared me to do it. Just don’t like Facebook. Gives me the willies. Sorry”, he tweeted.

So what really happened was Brian Acton the co-founder of Whatsapp tweeted, “It’s time. #deletefacebook”, as a way to protest against the Facebook scandal.

To which Musk replied, “What’s Facebook?”

Was it really possible that Elon Musk had no idea what Facebook was? In this day and age, you pretty much have to live under a rock and last we checked Musk was living in a 248 square foot mansion in Los Angeles.

Someone decided to check if Musk was bluffing. “Delete SpaceX page on Facebook if you’re the man.”,

To this Elon replied that he didn’t know that SpaceX had one and that he would delete it.

Following this Bryson Masse, a reporter at The Wire Report, attached a screenshot of the Tesla Motors Facebook page and said, “This should be deleted too right?”

To which Musk replied, “Looks lame anyways.”


Why his move is causing a buzz:


The fact that Elon Musk left Facebook is bad as it is – him leaving Facebook is all the more amusing because of an incident that took place in September 2016.

A Falcon 9 rocket to host Mark Zuckerberg’s satellite exploded on the SpaceX launch pad during a pre-launch test fire. It destroyed Facebook’s dreams of providing space-based-internet coverage to sub-Saharan Africa.

“SpaceX’s launch failure destroyed our satellite.” said a “deeply disappointed” Zuckerberg, when asked about the incident. Further, adding to his dismay, Musk announced that he had launched two prototypes to test the same space-based internet technology just last month.

With all this tension in the past, Zuckerberg must not be too happy with the recent boycotting incidents. Before we raise our pitchforks and jump on the Boycott Bandwagon let’s understand why businesses have been disappointed with Facebook even before the Trump and Musk fiascos.

Why businesses have been considering leaving Facebook:

Since January 2018, Facebook has been making significant changes to its algorithm, directly affecting how users discover and engage with Business Pages. Previously, organic reach would include timeline impressions. However, the new changes require users to engage with a post by clicking on it, liking it, sharing it etc. to be counted as Reach.

As reported by Social Samosa Facebook has also reassured page admins saying, “This update doesn’t change how your posts are delivered, or who sees and engages with your posts. This is an update to the way we measure organic reach, which may result in changes to the reported numbers for your Page.”

So technically, the algorithm change does benefit businesses since they can now get the true picture as far as organic reach is concerned. This only means that businesses must work harder to stay relevant and engage with their target audience.

Should YOU leave Facebook?

Eleven years ago, when Facebook launched Business pages, it seemed like a real God-send. Reaching out to your target audience and spreading the word about your product/service was made a whole lot easier, thereby bringing them closer to your brand and business.

It’s barely surprising that a platform like Facebook continues to evolve even years its launch. While the data breach incident is unquestionably worrisome, your decision to leave or stay on Facebook shouldn’t be affected by the changes to the algorithm or celebrity opinion. What you should consider instead, is whether you are able to add any value to your business through Facebook.

As a business owner or digital marketer, you have to stay on your toes and adapt to changes. You should also consider other social platforms like Twitter, Instagram, Linkedin etc. to understand which one suits your business the best.

If you work hard to stay relevant and provide your target audience what they’re looking for, they will continue to follow your brand; irrespective of the platform you use.

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