How to get started with Machine learning-


How to get started with Machine learning-

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Machine learning! This is the latest buzz word these days, So what actually is machine learning? Is Artificial intelligence and Machine learning are synonyms to each other ?? How can one get started with machine learning? All these queries will be answered here….

How to crack Programming interview:

Welcome to the world of Machine Learning get ready to be amazed:

Machine leaning is not something that we create Robots and they invade us and behave like the same way they were shown in movies. Machine learning is nothing but training a machine to do some tasks and the main part is they learn themselves. Machine learning and Artificial intelligence are not synonyms but the abstraction line is very thin between them and they can some times be interchanged.

Machine learning is everywhere now, We are using them in our real life like siri, Cortana, Google assistant, Google lens and many more. AI is now applied in almost all the domains. Lets talk about the trends now, A few decades back writing an application is  a trend and after a few years developing a mobile app is a trend and  now AI is the trend and if you want to try something new then go with AI.

Ai contain many modules but first we will get started with Machine learning which is a subset of AI.

How to start Learning Machine Learning?

Implementation language:

You can implement machine learning algorithms using many languages of which Python and R were kind of famous, Here comes the discussion which language is better to implement machine learning algorithms. Like always, every language has its own advantages and disadvantages. Both of them got good number of Machine learning libraries.   so get started with the language you are comfortable with.


We now design a pie chart which gives us the information about what are required for machine learning:

From the above chart we can infer that Machine learning has something to do with Mathematics

In order to get into world of machine learning you should be comfortable with

Linear Algebra

Probability and statistics

Algorithmic design

Data pre-processing

So take some free courses online and be up with these skills. All those free resources will be discussed in the up coming articles.

Then You start implementing the core algorithms like neural networks, support vector etc.  As this is a very basic  introductory article i m not giving all those details and implementation kind of stuff, they will be separately discussed  in the next articles. You can take help of many libraries available like sci kit learn and many more.

Steps for developing an Ml application in Python:

1.Find problem

2.Collect appropriate data set

3.Select appropriate algorithm

4.Find libraries available for the algorithm.

5.write your script.

6.Visualize your output

Workout with some projects and put them in you GitHub.

GitHub is a new kind of Resume.

Watch this video to know more:





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