How to prepare for Programming Interviews

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How to prepare for Programming Interviews

Hello world!! This is Naveen and welcome to csopensource, Your opensource guide for computer science.

Today i’m with a bang, This discussion will definitely help you in landing on your dream job!! Hell yeah, After reading this you will immediately start applying jobs for tech giants such as Google,Microsoft, Amazon etc. So lets get started.

All of us came across some of our friends and a lot of people telling that cracking an interview is very easy, But that’s a completely wrong perception.I had personally attended a lot of interviews with many tech companies and got a fair sum of rejections and selections. People will talk only about their succeeded interviews  but not the interviews they failed in. Attending an interview is not an easy task,  it requires constant dedication and a consistent study plan especially when you are attending a programming interview.

Know about Blockchain here:


How To crack job at Google,Microsoft,Amazon::

First thing you should do before applying for any jobs at these tech companies like google, Amazon etc is to have a consistent study plan and make sure that your technical skills are on point, If not work harder, Read some books and do a bunch of projects.

The process is almost same for all major tech companies, You will have a series of technical questions that you should answer them on a paper or the white board. You should show the recruiter your problem solving skills. The only way to do that is to practice a lot. There are some free open source resources available in the market like

1.Code chef:


3.Hacker Earth:

Syntax is not important:

Remember they are not testing you on the syntax, You can learn syntax of any language overnight what you cant learn over night is learning the core computer concepts such as Algorithms, Data structures etc. Companies test you on theses core computer science concepts.

You can learn those for free using these

1.Introduction to Data structures by My code school.

2.Introduction to Algorithms by MIT open courseware.

Read some books on previous interviews questions.

You can download a free book here

After a consistent study plan and when you are confident enough. Apply to the companies that excites you and keep track of  the interview process using some tools like Excel spreadsheet etc

Almost every company posts their requirement on their websites , Go check their websites regularly.

Create your Resume

Remove all unnecessary parts in  your resume,

Build the  resume based on the job description.

Put all your projects on GitHub and mention this link in your resume, GitHub is a new kind of resume

Put your linked profile on the resume.

Find the tech recruiters using this keyword magic


Search this in google and you will find the email of tech recruiter if you are lucky, Then mail him your resume

All the best hope everyone lands in your dream job.




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