Robert Downey Jr AKA IronMan to host a Web series on Artificial Intelligence:


Robert Downey Jr AKA IronMan to host a Web series on Artificial Intelligence:

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ME: Hey Jarvis!! Make appointment with all my readers,I need to thank them.

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ME : oh shit!! Now i use my google assistant.

We need no introduction to Jarvis, Iron man is one of the major character that appear in Marvel comics. The most interesting thing about Iron man is he uses an AI powered personal assistant called Jarvis. This brings into our domain keeping aside the movie things. Robert downy jr who played the role of Iron man is going to make a web series on artificial intelligence. Let’s get into the detail.

Iron man AKA Tony stark AKA Robert downy jr is going to make an you tube series on artificial intelligence. Youtube has partnerede with Downy jr to make one of the biggest show on AI and this will be produced by his own production company Team downy.

“Robert and I share a curiosity for A.I., a complicated and often polarizing subject. Our aim is to explore A.I. through a lens of objectivity and accessibility, in a thoroughly bold, splashy, and entertaining way. We’re thrilled to bring this project to life along with Network Entertainment, Sonar, and YouTube Red”, said Susan Downey,  Executive President of Team Downey.

Title for the webseries is not yet confirmed but the show will be 8 hours long and exclusively available in Youtube red. This show will be aired on early 2019.

The series will document the experience of AI experts in fields such as science, philosophy, technology, engineering, medicine, entertainment, and arts. It will focus on the transformative role played by AI in our lives and its deep impact, alongside the future prospects.

“We are excited to be in business with the smart creative minds behind this innovative new series. There is so much to discover, and this series will take us on a fascinating journey as we explore the exciting developments in the world of A.I. and glimpse into the future”, said Susanne Daniels, Global Head of Original Content for YouTube.

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