Top resources to get kick start your Hacking Career:


Top resources to get kick start your Hacking Career:

Hello, world!! Naveen here, And I’m back with a bang. We are in the world of Internet and the possibilities were endless. with the endless possibilities there comes endless threats.

Cyber threats are growing every day and there is a large need for cybersecurity specialists to solve those problems. So this is the best time to kick-start your career in cybersecurity.

Cybersecurity will be a hot cake in the near future and trust me cybersecurity is not a rocket science and everyone can learn it. The only thing you need is a constant dedication and a consistent study plan. Here in this article, I will take you through some of the best websites you can learn ethical hacking for free. So, let’s get into it.

The prerequisites for learning ethical hacking is:
1.Basic programming
2.Basic Networking
3.A database.

There is myth regarding hacking is that we need no programming to learn, But that’s a completely wrong perception and I will get through those in the upcoming articles.

Here we go with the top websites where you can learn to hack, I’m not rating them in the order, This is just a random numbering.

1.Hacking loops:

This is one of the amazing websites for the absolute beginners to kick start with their cybersecurity career. In this, we can set up our own pen-testing lab and all the major modules were covered here.

Click below to visit:


This is one of the top resources to learn to hack for free. This provides all the written tutorials and it also got a Youtube channel where they post how-to videos and projects. This website majorly covers hardware hacking, signals, and networking concepts. This is most useful for digital forensics domain.

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3.Hacking tutorials:

This website provides a huge set of online tools which decrease the burden on your system, This website mainly focuses on computer hacking Gmail hacking, facebook hacking and a lot of interesting things. This focus on SQL injection, Basic python scripting etc. The best part is we can download them in pdf format.

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Hacking Tutorials

4.HackThis Site:

This website best hacking news all over the world and one can keep in the update with all the stuff that’s going on cyber will definitely bookmark this after reading a few articles.

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5.Evilzone forum:

This provides us the platform for discussing Hacking and Cracking. You can create an account on this forum and post your quires and for every question, you will get a key and you can refer to that key and find your questions answered by professions.

Click below to visit:


This is one of the best resource available online to learn to hack. This website got a lot of content and you can learn a lot of things.

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Here the name itself refers to security tools this website provides the information regarding all the security tools along with the description and usage.

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These are the few websites I have encountered if you have any mode do comment. Show some love share this article with your friends.


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Hello, world !! Naveen here, Founder of csopensource and I am a constant believer that information should be opensourced and accessible to everyone. Here in this blog, you will get all kind of stuff for free.

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